EU-Funded Training: Get On Board and Join The Successful!

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We’ve been welcoming organisations and employees onto EU-funded training programmes for some months now, and already we have many successes to report.

During the first quarter of 2017 alone, we have provided fully-funded training courses (i.e. paid for in full by the EU’s European Social Fund) to well over 100 candidates in more than 40 organisations, big and small – and that’s just three months’ worth. Already, after such a short time, we have official reports stating that several staff have been promoted into more senior roles as a direct result of their training programmes with Always Consult, with more successes in the pipeline.

Feedback on the courses has been truly phenomenal. So many candidates have said wonderful things about our courses, as you can read on our testimonials page, but the following comment really illustrates the kind of learning outcome that we are aiming for:

I will take what I’ve learnt and use it on a daily basis inside work and out of work.

Education and Training in Shropshire: Build a Boat

Our training style is innovative and punchy, to keep candidates interested and engaged.

Above is a photo from a fascinating and popular activity, part of our Level 3 Education and Training course. Delegates are simply given the instruction to build a boat! Then as a group they try to identify their learning styles. For example, are they “activists” and very hands on; “theorists” asking lots of questions and wanting to know why; “pragmatists” being really logical throughout the process – or “reflectors” sitting back and having a ponder before they participate?

And below are a couple of shots of candidates deeply engrossed in a workshop on our popular ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management programme:

L3 Leadership and Management Training - Shropshire

If you’re wondering what fully-funded training is available under the project, below is a selection of some of the courses we can offer:

ESF Courses Shropshire

These courses are will enable employees to gain very real, tangible skills that can be put into practice immediately in the workplace, leading to enhanced performance, productivity and growth opportunities for your organisation.

More information on the ESS project:

The Employee Support in Skills project (ESS) supports SMEs in the Marches area to develop the skills, knowledge and prospects of their employees, backed by funding from the European Social Fund (ESF). If you are an SME employer in the Marches catchment area, you have a time-limited opportunity to obtain fully-funded, world-class professional training for staff in your organisation.

PLEASE Contact Carol Ewels at Always Consult now for details, because this funding will end soon and there’s no time to lose if you want to join the 40+ organisations and 100+ employees who are already enjoying great successes as a result of their training by Always Consult under this project.

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