The Importance of Feedback

Always Consult - Thumbs UpIt’s great to get feedback. For any business, feedback from customers on products and services is a key ingredient to future success. That’s because through feedback, a business can hone and modify its services to better suit its future customers. That’s why at Always Consult, we go to great lengths to encourage our course participants to give us their genuine, unfiltered opinions on what we have done for them. Below you can read unedited comments made by attendees at Always Consult workshops and courses during the past couple of months:

“I enjoyed the course. It was delivered in a friendly, happy way, very relaxed and informative.”

“Good variety of listening and doing activities.”

“It would be very beneficial to introduce the course into the induction process for new members of staff.”
Smile - Good Course Feedback - Always Consult

“Carol explained everything very well and appropriately.”

“There was plenty of individual help and advice.”

“Sheila and Ade were fantastic and have opened my eyes to the prospect of owning a great business.”

“I will take what I’ve learnt and use it on a daily basis inside work and out of work.”

“If all learning was like this I would sign up to more classes.”

“Loved the range of activities and didn’t get bored as there was a lot of variety.”Always Consult - Good Feedback

“Inspiring Workshop!”

“A great learning experience in a relaxed location.”

Of course, the real value of feedback is to help us improve what we do.  A lot of people have commented on how much they appreciate the range of activities and how different learning styles are catered for on our courses, and this has been a clue for future course and activity development.

Even things like the venue and refreshments can mar an otherwise good experience. As one course attendee commented:

“Really enjoyed the delivery… Could we have no soggy biscuits next time!”

Fair point, well made – and now addressed!

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