8,000 Council days lost to stress

 How many times do we hear the words-”  Stress related absenteeism in the workplace “?

I recently heard of a public sector organisation who conducted an expensive survey with their staff, only to find morale is low, people feel undervalued, stressed out, feel that whatever they do, it’s not good enough and will leave the organisation as soon as the economy picks up and there is more choice on the job front. 

As a result of the pressure, it will often lead to poor performance, low productivity and increased absenteeism, which in turn means  increased pressure on those remaining at work and consequently less profit for the business.

The Shropshire Star states “Nearly 8,000  working days were lost at Telford & Wrekin Council in a 12-month period due to stress, a report revealed, it also showed the authority spent about £30,000 of taxpayers’ money on counselling sessions for those affected.”

The Institute of leadership and management (ILM) also states workplace stress is on the increase.

“A new survey  from the mental health charity MIND is urging UK employers to show more understanding about mental health problems after an increase in work during the recession.”

Improve the atmosphere in the workplace and give employees clear and honest feedback on a regular basis will help “clear the air” and reduce pressure which can lead to stressed out staff.

Tranquil Times is a workshop aimed at helping anyone and everyone understand why they respond like they do to some situations while others take the same situation in their stride. Without first understanding themselves they will not be able to solve the issues surrounding the pressure they are feeling which left unattended may lead to stress.

In these difficult times it’s vitally important leaders, managers and business owners take some responsibility and invest in wellbeing for the benefit of the employees, themselves and their business.

A good robust performance management system and regular appraisal reviews will help increase morale and wellbeing if managers are fully trained and know how to conduct an effective review.

Getting to know the people who work for you is vital and all part of good leadership skills.

Leaders and Business Owners should:-

  • Be aware of any changes that could indicate they are feeling under pressure
  • Spend time listening, rather than talking
  • Invest in a training for managers to ensure they know how to conduct an effective appraisal review
  • Invest in wellbeing
  • Show you care about your people
  • Invest in a robust and fair appraisal system

The ILM says “Business owners and managers must have the confidence and training to deal with employees under pressure.

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