Always Consult 11 Years Old

Who would have thought it? 11 years on and still loving running a business.

After 30 years working in the banking arena, it was my turn to face redundancy in November 2008. I remember the time well, it was my birthday gift-many would say!

My working life was to change forever. We were in a recession. Friends, family and colleagues hinted it was not a great time to start a business- especially when I was so uncertain of what that business would be. No clarity, no vision-just a small inkling of an idea. To help and support others to also set up a business.

I decided I’d have a play at starting a business and be my own boss for 2 years maximum.

I surrounded myself with a whole new set of friends, who inspired me and told me I should set up in business- they were my ZAPPERS- they zapped me with enthusiasm, helped me find my motivation to thrive and drive my new business forward. They were and still are, here to support me when things don’t always go according to plan. They are my business lifeline. Without those people I wouldn’t be here 11 years on driving the business forward.

I stopped listening to some of the SAPPERS- those that constantly gave me 10 reasons why I shouldn’t do something -they call it REALITY- theirs not mine!

As a business and as a person I have grown considerably- I never dreamt Always Consult would be where it is in 2020. I do things now in my business life that I never knew existed 11 years ago, I understand so much more about people and behaviours which is brought into our training programmes to help others.

Who would have thought, I would have met other leaders from other walks of life, who wanted to be part of Always Consult. They have brought innovation and fresh ideas to our offering. 120 apprentices on board is certainly something different from that inkling of a business idea 11 years ago today.

Spring at Always Consult Training UK

Always Consult – 11 Years Leading by Example!

Okay, we are in very challenging times, but one thing I do know is that Always Consult will survive. Why? Quite simply we have a great leadership team, who are not only customer centric but also care about our team’s wellbeing and development.

Our team of people, without exception, are second to none- they are willing, creative and loyal and we will do the right thing to support them through these challenging times.
We have a vision and clarity around where we are, what we do and where we want to be moving forward.
We have amazing clients who we hope will continue to work with us for many more years to come.

Thank you one and all for your fantastic support and one thing is for sure-we are here and ready to help in any way we can at this present time and when the world has returned to whatever “normal” will look like.

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