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Treasure Hunt Booty goes to Severn Hospice

On October 2nd, a bright sunny Friday afternoon saw hunters gather for the Always Consult Treasure Hunt, descending upon the usually tranquil village of Upton Magna. Unsuspecting villagers were soon pressganged into shedding light on the cryptic clues in the face of unspeakable threats from one or two of our less scrupulous marauders (above). Luckily […]

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Coaching v. Mentoring v. Training

In this first of our articles on coaching, you’ll find a useful cut-out-and-keep reminder of the important differences between coaching, mentoring & training; and also a quick but fascinating read about the world’s first coach! Coaching is Born Here’s something fascinating you may not know about “coaching”. The Hungarian word “Kocs” meaning ram, as in […]

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You’re Never Too Old. Live YOUR Life!

This is a guest article written by Michael Harper: Imagine yourself, lying on your deathbed, unable to do much more than eat and sleep. You suddenly come to the horrific realisation that you have wasted most of your 89 years living completely the wrong life! With so many people so obviously miserable in their daily […]

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