Bite-Sized Courses

We have realised from our training experience that some businesses find it difficult to release their managers and supervisors from the workplace for a day, or even half a day to attend training courses. We’ve also received feedback from some organisations that, much as they feel their managers and supervisors would benefit from training, they simply don’t have the budget.

That’s why we have come up with the concept of “bite-sized” training workshops. You can dip into our menu of short, dynamic and highly effective interactive TWO HOUR workshops as dictated by the needs of your business. Not only do these workshops provide essential core information on each specialist topic covered, but they also, importantly, provide an extremely cost-effective solution to management and supervisory training, particularly for those businesses operating with very tight budgets.

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The Manager’s Toolkit

This series of “bite-sized” workshops is especially for new managers and supervisors who are finding their new role daunting and would benefit from some support and training ….they may be a novices or indeed veterans … but they’re finding the ‘people management’ side of things a little tricky right now. Help is here!

Tap into one or more of these training initiatives, and help your managers and supervisors to not only acquire new insights and skills but also support them to ‘work smarter and not harder’!

The Manager’s Toolkit provides a suite of workshops covering the key skills that all managers and supervisors need. For each two hour workshop, there is an easy-to-follow trainer’s script to enable you to deliver the workshops yourself in-house* and for each workshop there is an additional resource pack, providing participants with all the information covered in the workshop, which will help them put the tools and techniques learned into practice in the workplace.

*If you don’t have trainers in-house, we can deliver these workshops for you, either on your premises or at a venue of your choice. Contact us for details.

Each of the workshops, making up ‘The Manager’s Toolkit’, will provide your managers and supervisors with specific insights, tools and techniques in just two hours! A small investment for a great result!

• Making the Transition from ‘Mate to Manager’
• Communicating Effectively in the Workplace
• Assertiveness Skills
• Effectively Influencing Others
• Negotiation Skills
• Personal Effectiveness (Time Management and Prioritisation)
• Motivating Yourself and Others
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Leading Change
• Team Building
• Stress Management (The Line Manager’s Role)
• Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis
• Coaching Skills
• Presentation Skills

The Manager’s Toolkit – Summary of Contents

Making the Transition from ‘Mate to Manager’
Understand issues which may prevent the successful and stress-free transition into a new management role and the specific actions which will tackle these issues effectively.

Communicating Effectively in the Workplace
Communication preferences, barriers to communication, how people receive and assimilate information and key skills relating to both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Assertiveness Skills
What it means to be assertive, and the opportunity to practise a range of assertiveness tools and techniques.

Effectively Influencing Others
Good knowledge of the different influencing styles and practice involving the use of a number of influencing techniques.

Negotiation Skills
Understanding the definition of ‘negotiation, negotiation styles and a structured approach to negotiating.

Personal Effectiveness (including Time Management and Prioritisation)
The key principles of effective time management, personal reflection relating to own practices and key actions to improve personal time management in the future.

Motivating Yourself and Others
Awareness of motivational theorists (Herzberg, Maslow and McGregor) and personal action planning for practical application of the key principles.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
A structured approach to problem solving and decision making (‘The Six Steps’), and practice in using this very useful template.

Leading Change
Understanding the nature of change, why people may resist change and understanding tools for managing and motivating people through change.

Team Building
How teams evolve and the importance of ‘situational leadership and management’ in relation to individuals within participants’ own teams.

Stress Management (The line manager’s role)
The meaning of ‘Stress’, the manager’s duties in relation to his/her team, the causes and source of stress and positive actions taken within a team to prevent and minimise the risk of stress. Also, signposting to resources available within the organisation.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis
What are the principles of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, how thought processes and attitude affect participants’ own behaviour and that of others. Focussing on the importance of communicating with people on an ‘adult-to-adult’ basis for optimum results.

Coaching Skills
Understanding the difference between coaching and training, a thorough understanding of the ‘GROW’ coaching model and the opportunity to put this into practice.

Presentation Skills
A structured approach to making effective presentations and the opportunity to put this approach into practice. Key tips regarding both verbal and non-verbal communication when making presentations.

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Always Consult’s bite-sized courses are economical, effective and convenient.

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