Coaching v. Mentoring v. Training

In this first of our articles on coaching, you’ll find a useful cut-out-and-keep reminder of the important differences between coaching, mentoring & training; and also a quick but fascinating read about the world’s first coach!

Coaching is Born

Kocs Coat of Arms

Here’s something fascinating you may not know about “coaching”. The Hungarian word “Kocs” meaning ram, as in male sheep, gave its name to a town on the road from Vienna to Budapest. The canny wheelwrights of 15th century Kocs (coat of arms above) invented a horse-drawn vehicle with steel-spring suspension. This “kocsi szekér”, or “cart of Kocs”, soon shortened to “kocsi”, being rather comfy quickly became the vehicle of choice all over Europe leading to the birth of the English word “coach”, a large kind of carriage – one that carried people. In 1830 “coach” became slang at Oxford University for a tutor who “carried” a student through an exam, and “coaching” as we know it was born. So a big thank you to the enterprising wheelwrights of Kocs, who presumably succeeded without any coaching, which would not be invented for another 400 years!

Coaching, Mentoring or Training?

So now you know the history of the word, but what exactly does it mean in this day and age? And how does it compare to mentoring and training, those other, related activities often mentioned in the same breath? Let’s take a look:

Mentor Vs Coach Vs Trainer

Coaching v. Training v. Mentoring – click to enlarge.

I hope you enjoyed that, but now it’s time to put the potted history and definitions aside as I hear you shouting “What’s in it for ME?” and that will be the subject of the second article in Always Consult’s coaching series.

Meanwhile, if you need some high quality help with you coaching needs right now, Always Consult is an accredited coaching provider, so please do get in touch and we’ll soon get the ball rolling – you will be so glad you did!

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