DiSC® Profiling for Maximum Workforce Performance

DiSC® is a leading personal assessment tool used by millions in organisations large and small. Employers using DiSC® report real improvements in productivity, teamwork and communication.

Through a common language, DiSC® firstly enables people to build a better understanding of themselves. In turn, this helps people to discuss their behavioural differences and to adapt their behaviour for the good of themselves and those around them. Across the workplace this brings about better leadership, more effective management and increases in productivity, not to mention a climate of cooperation rather than conflict.

“DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.”

Participants in the DiSC® programme will answer a series of questions that are used to produce a detailed, non-judgmental report about personality and behaviour.

In more detail, a DiSC® profile will help to:

  • Increase self-knowledge, especially relating to conflict responses, motivation and problem-solving.
  • Bring about effective teamwork with less workplace conflict.
  • Increase sales by responding to individual customer styles.
  • Make better leaders who understand the priorities and motivations of the people in their teams.

Comprehensive face to face  or telephone feedback and coaching supports the DiSC profiling to enable a full understanding of how the profile can be utilised to gain maximum benefit.

There are several DiSC® profiles designed for specific purposes. Here are four of our favourites, together with links to sample DiSC® profile reports:


Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile: This DiSC® is designed to help anyone in the workplace, regardless of job title or role. It enables employees to understand themselves and what motivates them, thereby improving their working relationships, performance and wellbeing.

Click the link for a sample DiSC® Workplace Report:



Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile: This DiSC® is aimed at people in leadership roles, helping them improve leadership and behaviour towards their team members through a better understanding of individual leadership style and how this impacts their teams. This inevitably brings about increased effectiveness in leading teams towards organisational goals.

Click the link for a sample DiSC® Work of Leaders Report:



Everything DiSC® Management Profile: This profile is most appropriate for managers. It encourages managers to better understand the people they manage, examining aspects such as direction and delegation style, and personal motivators. This leads to more effective and appropriate management and direction, with inevitable improvements in team performance.

Click the link for a sample DiSC® Management Report:



Everything DiSC® 363 For Leaders Profile: This profile enables leaders to move to the next level in terms of behaviour, relationships and performance. Included is constructive 360-degree feedback on leadership style, but unlike many 360-degree feedback activities, DiSC® ensures that the feedback given is focused and constructive. DiSC® 363 also presents each participant with three personalised strategies designed to make every leader even more effective.

Click the link for a sample DiSC® 363 Report:



Always Consult is certified to carry out DiSC® training, offering the full range of DiSC programmes. We know from our personal experience just how effective DiSC® profiling can be, in organisations of all types and sizes. Please contact us at any time for a chat about your organisation’s specific needs in this area.