Golden Nuggets of Feedback

When you think of training and coaching organisations like ours, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about our trainers TALKING to our candidates. Actually, at Always Consult we are proud of our track record of LISTENING too!

During the last four years, we have meticulously collected feedback from our candidates, and after a considerable amount of work in bringing it all together, we’re now really proud to be able to publish the results. If you’re considering using our services but unsure of whether to choose us, just take a look at these incredible feedback scores and comments from our candidates!

Always Consult Training Course Evaluation Scores 2016-2019

Training Course Evaluation Graph Training Evaluation Key to Graph

Comments Made by Candidates:

As you can see, we have been very fortunate to receive some amazing feedback, which is of course very satisfying in itself, but also shows employers and individuals alike that they can safely entrust their training needs and budgets to our organisation.

Equally importantly, this continual feedback plays a key part in actually shaping our future as we go along. Whenever we get a comment that is less than ideal, we don’t “throw our toys out of the pram”. We see it for what it is – a golden nugget of feedback that really is a priceless piece of information from which we ourselves can learn; an opportunity, given to us freely, to improve our organisation, our services and customer satisfaction.

To find out how we can satisfy your individual or organisation’s professional training needs, please get in touch. Judging by the graphs and comments on this page, you will be in safe hands.

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