Information Advice & Guidance Qualifications


Information Advice & Guidance Level 4 to Level 6

We are often asked to clarify  the whole “topping up” from Level 4 Advice and Guidance to the Level 6 Career Guidance and Development.

 After seeking advice here’s the answer:-

Having the three units-2, 3 and 6 does not give you a Level 6 qualification.  Learners have to do the full qualification.
Having the three units allows you access to the Careers Register if you have as well, either the LDSS 4 and/or Advice and Guidance four old standards.  Thus the new Advice and Guidance Level 4 Diploma 10185 is not part of this.  Learners with the new standards Level 4 have to complete the full Level 6 qualification.

 For further information or how to gain the whole qualification, please contact, Senior Associate, Adrian Pitt at or call 07854 929 869

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