No Stress!

The sky is blue, the sea is green and the breeze is cooling. Am I dreaming? No, I am sitting on a sunbed taking in the views and wishing my stay in Cape Verde could be longer. This is a much needed holiday after seven months working on a contract in Birmingham. Seven glorious months where I met so many people wanting to learn and to develop themselves. Their desire to take in the knowledge and have a bit of banter and fun at the same time was exhilarating. Throughout the seven months I had at least 24 people a week who took on board training in, Anger Management, Diversity and Customer Service. I wish them all well in their new roles within the Job Centre Plus.

Now, back to Cape Verde and that sunbed. The motto of the Island is “No Stress”.

This left me wondering what a life without some kind of stress would be like. It would be like sitting on a sunbed daily with nothing to do but soak up the sun, the sea and the breeze.

Great for a week or two–but how long before the boredom, lethargy and illness set in?

We all need a balance in our lives. Too much stress will lead to illness, depression, loss of weight or increase in weight due to overeating, loss of clarity in thought and mental agility, insomnia – the list goes on.

Too little stress can have similar symptons.

The trick is to get the balance right and work on the middle ground between too little and too much stress. we need to keep stimulated and motivated to keep us on our toes and to have that sense of purpose in our lives. these days though, with so much pressure around from many different outlets it’s not easy to stop the pressure turning into full blown stress.

I’ve seen it so often in the workplace, with employees going off sick and then the pressure mounts for those left doing the extra work. The cycle then continues.

I am convinced more should be done to help managers and employees deal with too much pressure –how productivity would rise through motivated and energised teams who have learned how to manage and handle stressful situations.

Watch this space for my Learning and Development programme on how to manage stress in the workplace and in everyday living, soon to roll out for managers and employees.

In the meantime, please feel free to let me know your views and how you personally manage stressful situations. It will help me formulate the programme to ensure it will add value to organisations of all sizes.

Oh well–back now to that sunbed!

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