Performance Appraisal

Your organisation’s workforce is a veritable goldmine, filled with buried nuggets of talent just waiting to be uncovered.  Our performance management training is the key to unlocking that hidden talent, resolving specific issues and getting the very best out of your people.

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Free workshops

We start with a free initial consultation to help you identify personality types within your team.

You probably realise that staff who are appraised competently are likely to feel happier and more fulfilled, and that happy, fulfilled staff are more likely to turn in a consistently good performance, peppered with flashes of creative genius well above the call of duty. If this does not describe your workforce, we need to talk!

One of the biggest keys to commercial success is to accept fully that your company is a “company of people”. Look at any of the flagship organisations in any industry, and it is usually the people and the culture that shines through.

Your company is a company of people

Reading an article on performance management indicates that you take your responsibilities towards your people seriously, but you won’t be surprised to hear that many organisations don’t.

Take performance appraisals, for example.  In some companies, appraisals are still used as a “tick-box” exercise, or worse still, as the annual “big stick”!

Hopefully this does not apply to you – but are you sure that you are doing enough to really dig deep and uncover those buried gold nuggets of talent?

In some companies, appraisals are still used as a tick-box exercise

Of course, appraisals are not just about development needs.

They are part of a Process closely interlinked with Performance and People.  This is often referred to as the “3 Ps”.

Can you honestly say that you have the “3 Ps” covered? That you are doing all that you should be to look after and retain those key people who are – or should be – making a real difference in your company?

  • If you have an appraisal system in place and it isn’t giving you the results you need
  • If you have people issues you need help with
  • If you want your people to feel supported, motivated and encouraged to increase productivity
  • If you need help with retaining your best people

Then having us at Always Consult create a Performance Management or Appraisal System programme, bespoke for your company, may well provide the answers.

See which of our Performance Appraisal Packages would best suit your company.

We provide training, support, coaching and advice to the managers and team leaders, to help them become more effective in delivering feedback in a formal appraisal situation.

We help them fully understand  the 3 P’s and how they fit into the Performance Management/Appraisal review, therefore, benefiting your company by:

  • Developing team performance
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Reducing stress in the workplace
  • Allowing your business to monitor results
  • Making staff feel more involved and empowered.
  • Increasing productivity and sales potential

You get all of the above benefits delivered by Always Consult as painlessly as possible, through:

  • Free workshops
  • Free initial consultation to help you identify personality types within your team
  • Bespoke appraisal system for your company
  • Training & coaching designed for individuals who carry out appraisals who are looking to build their confidence and effectiveness

Motivating and developing your staff through the use of an excellent performance management system has many benefits for your people and your company – not least of which is the potential for a terrific return on your investment.

If this is an area that you suspect is not quite right in your organisation, have no doubt that it will be affecting your bottom line in a very real way, every single day.  There really is no time to lose, so why not telephone Carol, right now if you’re free, on 0333 444 2467.

Remember that if you call now, you will secure your free consultation and the free workshop offer.