QualsDirect ePortfolio: Efficient and Convenient Learning

We know that our learners are busy people, and need to complete their qualifications in the most efficient and convenient way possible. QualsDirect’s ePortfolio achieves this goal.

Basically, QualsDirect is an online platform that each candidate can access from anywhere, at any time. Once logged in, you can see exactly how you are progressing – what tasks you have completed; what are remaining. You can also submit evidence, and because it’s all online, assessment is quicker too. Task resources are also all available electronically for download, whether Word documents, PDFs, slides or graphics.

QualsDirect ePortfolio at Always Consult

Feedback from candidates who use QualsDirect has been exciting to say the least. They really appreciate the electronic submission of work and the online access from anywhere. The GAP analysis that shows on-screen precisely where you are up to is also something that people love.

Employers love QualsDirect too. They can log in at employer level to easily view and track the progress of employees through their training programmes. This provides visibility, reassurance and increased employer engagement. Importantly, it also provides summary screens and progress reports that make for useful information at internal review meetings!

If you are looking around for a training provider, please don’t underestimate the real difference it will make if the provider uses an online system that is not really up to the job (and unfortunately there are a few), or worse still, uses no online system at all! Let’s face it, who wants the inconvenience of submitting work for assessment by post, or the wasted time it takes to physically visit the training centre to look up a particular resource, or the frustration of waiting for an assessor to visit?

There are no hidden charges to you as a client using QualsDirect. It’s all part of the service and included in the price you pay.

If you would like to know more about the very real benefits to learners and employers of our electronic portfolio, please get in touch for a chat at any time.