Skills Support For The Workforce

Do you have employees with qualification or skills gaps that hold back your business?

 Are you a business with less than 250 employees?


The Marches Skills Provider Group have come together to meet the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Plan. The project is subsidised by the European Social fund.


The Skills Support for the Workplace project is targeting employers within the Marches Area who employ less than 250 staff. The project is required to increase engagement and support participation of employed adults to enhance their skills to become more successful in the labour market, advance career prospects and reduce the risk of long term unemployment by delivering local training that meets the requirements identified by the Local Enterprise Partnership research.

Is your business in one of the following sectors?

  • Food and Drink Production and Processing including land base
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Defence and Securities (Inc. ICT Technologies)
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Health and Social Care
  • Business and Professional Services
  • Leadership and Management

What’s on offer?

  • Training that responds to your needs.
  • Progression from Level 2 to Level 3
  • Leadership and Management skills
  •  Support for “fledgling” business start-ups
  • Support for learners with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities (LLDD) and vulnerable adults within the workplace
  • Increase English and Maths

For more information please contact us on 07981  182531 or e-mail:-

 We’ll make sure you are put in touch with the right people to support your needs.

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