Treasure Hunt Booty goes to Severn Hospice

On October 2nd, a bright sunny Friday afternoon saw hunters gather for the Always Consult Treasure Hunt, descending upon the usually tranquil village of Upton Magna.

Treasure Hunt Participants

Intrepid buccaneers – the Pay family, Adrian Pitt, Barbara Rainford from Strawberry Fields, Sheila Henshall.

Unsuspecting villagers were soon pressganged into shedding light on the cryptic clues in the face of unspeakable threats from one or two of our less scrupulous marauders (above).

Haughmond Store

Laura of The Haughmond Store

Luckily it all ended well, thanks to Laura from The Haughmond Store who provided generous rations that soon calmed the spirits of our battle-scarred buccaneers, so much so that they were eventually persuaded to leave the village in peace once more and hand over their hard-won spoils to the Severn Hospice!

Watch this space for news of our Christmas event , also in aid of the Severn Hospice, a very worthy cause.

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